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You are style conscious:

Yes, we know that you are style conscious and sometimes you can go overboard with it. we know that corporate meetings mean wearing high heels and then standing hours in them doing a presentation. We also understand that when you have acute foot and ankle pain, there is nothing you can do about it than to take a pain killer and still report at work!

Not anymore:

With the latest technology, we are proud to announce our new range of ergonomic footwear. The entire range is only made of shoe uppers. The shoe uppers are seasonal and phase out with every season. So, you need not worry about compromising on style while still walking in the most comfortable of shoes in the whole universe!

In the whole universe?!

No, that’s really not an exaggeration. These shoes are bespoke and they are exclusive and they are made for you and against the order. When you book yourself for an appointment with us, you know what you are in for. Our foot expert will measure the vitals of your foot and make a mold which you will be expected to wear and mold around your foot.

Once the mold is ready and dry, it takes the shape of your foot exactly. And this is the starting point of the creation of the most comfortable sole in the whole wide world. The sole material itself is plush and compressible and so takes the weight of your body extremely well. The spring movement in our patented sole material also allows you to multi-task in them. You can even walk a bit in our platforms without thinking anything about having achy foot afterward.

Book an appointment now and see your world change. You can also drop in a line on the e-mail address given below so that we can get in touch with you. See you soon!

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